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About Glenside

The Glenside Group was founded in 1982 inspired by the vision that customer profitability could improve by increasing the natural fertility of commercial farms.  This enduring vision continues to propel the company’s business to this day.

Farmer in Crop FieldGlenside believes that mindful farmers want a more balanced approach to their production with reduced dependence on synthetic chemical inputs.  Our people work with our customers to ensure this is accomplished and the programme they use addresses the unique needs of their farm.

Our approach to modern agriculture addresses the growing demand for cost effective ways of improving profitability, naturally.  We’ve integrated the best of traditional husbandry and growing practices with modern advancements; helping farmers develop the natural resources of their farms in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.  Our sustainably sourced feeds, crop biostimulants and soil products ensure the production of high-quality products for today’s discerning consumer.

So how do we do this?  Our specialized, natural products increase fertility by enhancing the beneficial interactions of soils, plants and animals.  We focus on remedying causes rather than treating symptoms.  Our agricultural solutions are derived from natural ingredients that have complex chemical compositions and contain a diverse range of bioactive compounds.  And they’re good for the planet.  Our products incorporate sustainably sourced seaweed that’s harvested from a renewable, well-managed resource so attentive farmers can address the changing demands of agriculture and consumers.  Contact Us to learn more.

History of the Company

The company was founded by Nander Robertson in 1982.  In 2000, his son, Ian Robertson, joined the business and became its Managing Director in 2008 until July 30, 2019 when Glenside joined the Acadian Seaplants family of companies.

The founder of Glenside described himself as an Agricultural Ecologist.  His self-identification speaks to the philosophy that shaped his company through the years.  As mindful farmers looked for solutions to their animal husbandry and crop production needs, the company continued to develop new products and grow its business to address the changing demands of agriculture.


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