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How often have you wondered why the crop in two apparently similar fields don't perform equally well

Soils consist of a team of three elements


These three are the indivisible, interdependent members of the “soil team”. One member off balance will adversely impact on all three, thus reducing nature's potential contribution to profitable crop production.

The Glenside Group Solution

The Glenside Group produce and manufacture a broad range of biostimulants and fertilisers for a broad range of arable systems.

Glenside Soil Conditioning fertilisers enhance the natural fertility of the soil enabling it to play a key role in the production of profitable crops and healthy livestock.

  • Recognising the interdependence of soil, plant and animal, the skillful farmer manages his soil as the fundamental resource in a successfully integrated farm enterprise.
  • The key to growing crops profitably is not the number of units or kilograms of fertiliser applied every year but how efficiently they are used by the plants.
  • Soil fertility is more than just N, P, K out of the bag, it is about soil life, worms and microbes and the role they play in helping plant roots to access nutrients and trace elements in the soil.?
  • It is for this reason that Glenside's soil conditioning fertilisers create the right soil environment which means that plant roots are able to access nutrients and micro nutrients more efficiently. This leads to profitable crop production from more efficient use of applied fertilisers reducing both the quantity needed or required and the wastage from leaching.

Cation Exchange

  • In the Cation Exchange process the plant's roots absorb many of the nutrients essential for growth. The process works through the secretion of exudates by the root hairs which contain positively charged hydrogen ions.
  • The hydrogen ions are effectively 'traded' by the plant for the positively charged cations of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and trace elements. The plant absorbs 70% of the cations it needs through the cation exchange process, hence imbalances of cations on the clay colloids, also known as the 'base', prevents the plant from taking up a proper balance of essential nutrients.

Good rooting systems support quality in all crops whether it be protein, bushel weight, sugar in sugar beet or uniformity and skin quality of potatoes , mineral content and quality grazing and conserved forage.

Before & After

Stimulating micro-organic activity and restoring productive life to the soil. Replacing valuable trace elements and micro-nutrients which in turn encourage beneficial biological activity in the soil.

Glenside Bio-Stimulants

Glenside's Pro Actiff Approach to profitable growing is based on detailed Albrecht Soil Surveys and precise fertiliser plans which incorporate proven Biostimulants.

The Benefits are:

  • Increased Nitrogen Efficiency
  • Improved Margins
  • More Effective Biology
  • Lower Carbon Footprint

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