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Corn Field

  • A consortium of beneficial Bacteria
  • Solubilises soil Phosphorous reserves
  • Increases available soil Nitrogen
  • Increased root mass and plant growth rates
  • Improved plant health
  • Increase winter vigour and growth
  • Increased yield potential


Biagro®PhosN is a highly concentrated culture of micro organisms designed to solubilise Phosphate reserves in the soil and increase Nitrogen fixation in the rhizosphere. Enzymes produced by the Biagro®PhosN microorganisms disassociate P from Al, Ca, and Fe etc. During this process, a Hydrogen ion is attached to the P, resulting in a form of P the plant roots can take up. Plant roots do not perform this solubilising but they do supply the micro-organisms with the food they need in the form of root exudates. Most soils have plenty of P in them but they lack the micro-organisms to disassociate this P in to a form the plant can use. Biagro®PhosN is a micro-organism consortium and not a single species product enabling it to be suited to high Calcareous soils as well as heavy wet soils. Biagro®PhosN contains micro-organisms at a concentration > 250,000 prologues/l and is free of GM organisms.

  • Increased Phosphate cycling
  • Increased nitrogen from the soil
  • Increased plant Vigour
  • Increased rooting
  • High biological activity
  • Improved soil structure

Application :
Stable liquid formulation suitable for application through conventional crop sprayers. Tank mix with a wide range of crop protection products & with liquid fertiliser

Rate and Timing :
Apply in 200l/ha water

Autumn :
Pre em or 4-6 leaves 250mls/Ha Biagro®PhosN plus
5l/ha Carbon N Bal

Packaging :
1l and 5l polycans.

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