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Glenside - Bioscence in Action



Combines Biology + Science + Soil Sense to deliver:

  • Better use of Farm Resources
  • More productive soils
  • Higher yields of home grown forage
  • Improved FYM(Farm Yard Manures) and Slurry Utilisation
  • Reduced bagged fertiliser costs
  • Lower vet bills


In Action – improve on farm profitability by focusing on the fundamentals:

    • The Food Chain starts in the Soil.
    • Good Yield and Healthy Livestock rely on Effective Nutrition
    • Plant roots must be able to access a balanced range of major and minor nutrients from the soil if they are to attain optimum yield potential or in the case of forage, to provide healthy nutrition for livestock.
    • Sustainable soil management recognises soil is an ecosystem comprising of chemical, physical and biological components. The soil chemistry affects the physics and in turn the physical condition affects the workability, root development and soil biology.
    • For the optimum crop performance it is necessary to assess and correct chemical imbalances, soil structure and lack of biology all of which either singly or in combination limit the response to inputs, reduce yields and depress profitability.

Effective Biology Pays Dividends…

By creating a hospitable root zone environment – ideally 25% air to breath and to fix nitrogen from, 25% water to drink and move around in, 45% mineral and 5% humus/colloidal organic matter – biological activity can flourish and soil productivity can be increased as a result of an effective symbiotic relationship between plant roots and soil flora and fauna.


Are enjoyed on a wide range of livestock enterprises across the UK

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