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Calcified Plus®

For over 30 years the Glenside Group has been at the forefront in working with Farmers to improve the use of Farm Resources and boost the natural  productivity of crops and livestock.

Calcified Plus®

Calcified Plus® is a very high specification granulated Calcium and trace element soil conditioner combined with Humates and plant Bio-Stimulants designed to improve plant and soil performance. Suitable for all crop situations requiring Calcium and Trace elements.



Calcified Plus


  • Rapid supply of Calcium and trace elements to crops and soil
  • Increased nutritional content of grass
  • Improves palatability and helps achieve tighter grazing.
  • Ideal for applying when over seeding, will help clover establish
  • Assists nitrate conversion to protein
  • Improves soil structure
  • Helps buffer slurry acidity
  • Enhances microbial activity in soils
  • Very hard granule will spin to 36m using existing fertiliser spreaders with minimal dust

Cows Grazing

Application of Calcified Plus®

Rates of application will depend on soil analysis and crop requirement. Please consult with your advisor.

As a guide:

  • Grassland: 100-250kg/Ha
  • Cereals & Fodder Crop: 200-400kg/Ha

Pack Size: 25kg or 600kg bags

Tractor turning grass

"We now grow more grass using less fertiliser. We are definitely very pleased. The fields are a much greener colour, even in winter, not the yellowy-brown colour they used to be."

Chris Blyth, Gascoine Farm, Biggar,
Lanarkshire, Scotland.

"When I heard about the product I thought I might have to purchase a specialist spreader or use a contractor but I found that I could use my existing fertiliser spreader. It was very easy to apply."

Dickie Weldon,
Rush, North Dublin.

"Running a mixed farm I like the way Calcified Plus® breaks down quickly so you know that the soil and crops get the key trace elements and Calcium to improve their performance. I really recommend Calcified Plus® every time."

Richard Lawrence, Pointz Castle Farm,
Haverfordwest, Wales

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