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Seaquim® 2020 Range “healthier animals, healthier returns”

Seaquim® Bucket Range - Livestock solutions

 The Seaquim® bucket range consists of six unique bucket formulations designed to help develop and support effective immune systems enabling the animal to overcome the challenges of nutritional deficiencies disease pressure resulting in the potential to improve body condition, growth and on farm profitability of all animals.

“An enhanced plane of nutrition boosts the immune system”

 The Seaquim® bucket range is manufactured in Scotland using only local and natural ingredients which guarantees quality, traceability and sustainability of the range.

Same calf – The benefits of Seaquim® in 8 weeks


Seaquim® bucket licks are available in 25kg and 100kg tubs test

Benefits of the Seaquim® 2020 bucket range:

  • 100% easily digested?
  • Naturally high in iodine?
  • Naturally chelated mineral?
  • Naturally protected proteins and carbohydrates?
  • Unique balanced range of contents?
  • Boosts function and immune system?
  • Safe for all animals on farm?
  • *Approved for organic farming operations

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