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Humaar 101 Liquid

  • Premium Humic acid
  • Increase nutrient exchange and retention
  • Soluble at low and high pH
  • Contains Humic and Fulvic acids
  • Improved soil structure
  • Increases root development
  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Easy mixing with liquid fertilisers
  • Increased yield potential


Humaar 101 functions as a complexing agent for soil nutrients and maintains the soil nutrients in forms that are more readily available to the plant. Humaar 101 is a unique stabilised Humic and fulvic acid complex. Easily applied to increase soils Humic fraction. It’s new formulation allowing for compatible mixing with low and high pH solutions as well as liquid fertilisers without causing any settling. The analysis: 7.9% K, 3%S, 23% Carbon, 4.9% O2, 31% organic acids (BaCl2 method) of which 22% Humic and 9% Fulvic.

Humar 101

Mixed with 10-34-0 liquid fert

Humar Trials Chart


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