Joan Marie Kay

Joan Marie Kay was born Joan Marie Bulger on February 23, 1964 in Pensacola, Florida. A young Joan was moved and raised in Rockland County, New York. Joan is the loving mother to two beautiful daughters Jesse and Samantha Kay and a number of rescued animals.

Joan made her entrance into healthcare, where she held various management positions in both hospital patient accounting and physician billing at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. From there she managed a large radiology billing company in Jefferson Valley, NY and worked her way to a partnership with a physician in which she owned and operated an Urgent Care Facility in Rockland County, NY. The Urgent Care Facility was then sold to Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, who also at the time had twenty five other “DOCS” facilities and central billing office in Valhalla. Joan was hired by Beth Israel to reorganize and streamline their central billing office. Upon completion Joan joined spent the next five years building CPM a billing and consulting company from five to over a hundred employees with collections in excess of thirty million. Unfortunately, CPM was sold, and it was transparent the existing clients were not satisfied with the company’s radical change in direction. At the request from well-known clients, whom also gave references to colleagues, achieved without any sales or marketing staff, Joan birthed Revflo Inc. where she had been the sole owner/shareholder for 15 years.

Joan has been actively involved in animal rescue for the last 30 years. She is also currently the Board President for the Hudson Valley SPCA, a not-for-profit No Kill animal shelter in New Windsor NY.

Joan embraces a number of executive roles, her leadership and expertise has been instrumental in various corporate mergers and acquisitions. She has brought these attributes to Orange County Choppers where she is titled CEO. It was culture shock for this male-dominated executive team to have a female at the helm. The results have been monumental.  Joan who has been in a long term relationship with Paul Sr. also makes appearances on the reality television series American Chopper.

Paul Teutul Sr. and Joan Kay are working with their crew on a new OCC+ Digital Build now airing on YouTube. Discovery is back on the table for another exploding season of American Chopper and may more upcoming projects that have yet to be announced.