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Combines nutritional components and plant biostimulants to give plants the added benefit of an extra energy boost during critical growth periods. The plant biostimulants increase the productivity of soils and plants by improving the overall activity of the root zone ecosystem.

MARRIPHITE™ is a natural biostimulant for use in all combinable, vegetable and root crops to maximise plant growth and enhance uptake of water, fertiliser and micronutrients from the soil.

MARRIPHITE™ contains a comprehensive range of organic plant extracts, oligosaccharides and nutrients. MARRIPHITE™ helps with root growth by encouraging stronger root systems and more effective symbiotic relationships with soil biology. The plant’s nutrient gathering abilities are enhanced. Plants make more effective and economic use of all available and locked up resources reducing dependence on applied fertilisers. In addition, MARRIPHITE™ will enhance the plant’s own defence mechanisms by improving cell membrane structures and by enabling the plant to produce phytoalexins more effectively, both of which complement disease control programmes.

Corn Field

A program of Marriphite™ will:

    • • Maximize root development, enhancing nutrient uptake
      • Encourage the development of strong plant structures
      • Reduce crop stress
      • Enhance plant health, complementing disease control programmes
      • Aid the rapid establishment of vigorous crops
      • Maintain green leaf retention to maximise crop potential

Spring Marriphite™ key opportunities:

Stem Extension in Oil Seed Rape
Early tillering in Spring Cereals
Early flowering of Pulses
100% emergence of Potatoes
V4 in Maize crops
Spring Flush of grass
From 3 leaves of Brassica and Swedes

MARRIPHITE™ is a unique formulation of stable fertiliser and plant biostimulant. It is widely recognised that OSR yield depends on the development of a strong deep tap root. Rape is a naturally ‘lazy’ rooter and a poor nutrient scavenger. Any restriction in root growth during the early growing season will have a direct impact on final seed yield.

  • Apply 1.5L/ha at 4 leaf stage
    to encourage rooting and establishment.
  • Apply 1.5L/ha at early stem extension
    to maintain healthy plant growth.
  • Apply 1.5L/ha mid to late flower

Marriphite™ is compatible with a wide range of crop protection products and can be applied as part of the grower’s existing spray program.

Application: Do not mix where instructions for partner product(s) advise against use with stickers, wetter’s or other adjuvants. Always read the label instructions and if in doubt consult your technical advisor.

Packaging: 10L polycans & 1000L IBC’s

Timing: The timing of Marriphite™ usually relates to important stages in the plant’s development. Correct timing, particularly at the early stages, maximizes the benefits of Marriphite.

Other Spring Opportunities:
CALCIFIED PLUS: Highly reactive liming material for surface application, for fast and precise Ph adjustment when it’s needed. Whether applied to grass following slurry and nitrogen applications or to game cover, oilseed rape and potatoes as a source of rapidly available calcium, trace
elements and humates.

2.3 cwt/ac (300Kg/ha) is equivalent to a ton of agricultural lime in the top 3 inches of the soil.

BIAGRO® GRASS: Grass seed dressing for long term benefit and nutrient uptake: Works for the life of the ley. 1kg/ha mixed with the seed at or before planting. Increases grass growth as well as nutrient content of the grass.

A clear investment for a sustained benefit over the duration of the leys life. Trials have shown significant yield improvements: Please ask for more details.



Marriphite™ applied early in a crop’s life will encourage root development, improved nutrient uptake, increased nitrogen efficiency and better establishment.

STRESS Stressed and backward crops can benefit from an application of Marriphite™ at any time during the growing season. By stimulating the development of the plants root system

Marriphite™ encourages plants overcome check by improving access to nutrients and moisture in the soil.

FILTRATION Filters must be no finer than 100 mesh throughout.


Marriphite™ is compatible with most spray products and for convenience they are often applied together.

DO NOT mix Marriphite™ and other products where instructions advise that the other applied products may not be usedstickers, wetter’s or any other adjuvants. Adhere to recommended spray intervals when spraying in sequence.


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