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Aloe Vera

  • 6%Mg + 3%K, 2% Mn, 1% B, 1% Zn, 12.5%So3 Containing Organic Acids
  • Foliar Support system
  • Balancing low plant sap pH
  • Improving photosynthesis
  • Delivering Key elements for the grain filling process
  • Creating vigorous Plant Health and growth rates
  • Suitable in all soils including high calcium situations

Corn Crops

Magnesium (Mg) is an essential part of chlorophyll, and is therefore fundamental in the process of Photosynthesis. Magnesium is an essential macro nutrient found from 0.2-0.4% dry matter and is critical to normal plant growth.

Magnesium (Mg) deficiency can be due to an actual lack of Mg in the soil, or can be the result of animposed deficiency caused by mineral imbalances .
These imbalances often occur in strongly acidic soils or in light, sandy soils, where magnesium can be easily leached away. High potassium or high calcium soils will also interfere with the uptake of magnesium by the plant roots. Note that soil with an overabundance of potassium or calcium will also inhibit magnesium uptake by the crop.

MgK+ is combined with a natural high Betaine plant growth stimulant, which helps the plant to take up nutrients from the soil and absorb them through the leaf.

MgK+ is a micro-nutrient combination designed to deliver plant available trace elements essential for grain production and green leaf area retention. MgK+ is suitable for a range of soil types including high Calcareous soils and heavy wet soils where magnesium is often restricted.

Key Reasons to use MgK+

  • Soils known to have a Low Magnesium content
  • Soils with a Low pH
  • Soils with a Low Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Fields receiving High applications of Potassium
  • Soils with High calcium content or following heavy applications of lime
  • At Key times when photosynthesis is required (Grain Fill)

Stable liquid formulation suitable for application through conventional crop sprayers. Tank mix with a wide range of crop protection products & with liquid fertiliser. Rate and Timing: 2 - 4 Ltrs/Ha in 200l/ha water.

At any time when green leaf area and photosynthesis is required and there is reasons to expect poor availability of magnesium.

2L/Ha GS 32-35 and GS 59. OSR 2L/Ha Stem extension and early flowering.

2L/Ha 300mm tall or when breaking through Plastic.

2-4L/Ha in combination with mid-season Blight Sprays.

10ltr and 1000ltr IBC

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