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Seaquim® Elite & Asco Marine Meal


  • 100% natural vegetarian supplement
  • Naturally high in iodine
  • Unique balanced range of contents Easily digested
  • Naturally chelated trace minerals
  • Naturally protected proteins and carbohydrates
  • Easily digested vegetable matter
  • Excellent bio-availability
  • Improves rumen function and absorption of nutrients
  • Raises plane of nutrition
  • Boosts functioning of immune system
  • Suits all animals - young and old alike

Seaquim® Elite and Asco Marine Meal

Seaquim® Elite

increases mineral availability

Note: If a fully mineralised ration is being fed to dairy cows the feeding rate for Seaquim® Elite can be reduced to 50 - 160grams per head per day according to yield.

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Helping animals to help themselves

Immune Systems
By encouraging more effective immune systems Seaquim® Elite and Asco Marine Meal enable animals to respond to and overcome the challenge of disease themselves.

Same calf 8 weeks after starting to feed
Seaquim® Elite


Seaquim® Elite and Asco Marine Meal provide a natural dietary supplement which improves the rumen function and the utilisation of rations thereby raising the plane of nutrition. An enhanced plane of nutrition boosts the immune system resulting in healthier animals.

Typical challenges

Dairy Cows - High cell counts and poor fertility Suckler Cows - Weak calves and poor fertility Ewes and Lambs - Orf and weak lambs Calves - Ring worm. Overcoming nutritional deficiencies The effectiveness of the digestive process in the rumen influences the level of nutrition the animal is able to obtain. Unbalanced rations and poor availability of trace minerals, rather thana lack of  them, will adversely affect microbial efficiency and often result in animals being clinically or sub-clinically nutritionally deficient. As a result immune systems are impaired and the animals are unable to overcome the challenges put upon them.

Lower Cell Counts - 1000 cow result A farm based trial in 2008 involving 5 herds and over 1000 cows recorded a significant drop in cell counts over a 3 month feeding period.

Iodine - A lack of iodine in soils and forage is recognised to be a problem for many livestockenterprises. EC Feed regulations limit the amount of iodine that can be added artificially to bought in feed stuffs. However, Seaquim®Elite and Asco Marine Meal are naturally high in iodine.