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Slurri-morr® is an easily applied freeze dried slurry inoculant. Introducing a consortia of naturally occurring micro-organisms. The sophisticated blend of micro-organisms acting in a symbiotic manner make Slurri-morr® much more effectivethan a single species culture.

Slurri-morr® - Nitrogen: Converts ammonium N to Nitrate and Protein N: reduces losses via volatilisation, this also means that there will be reduced odour.

Slurri-morr® - P, K Mag and Trace elements:
Breaks down the fibre in slurry; this improves the plant available nutrients in the slurry reducing the requirement for bagged inputs.

Slurri-morr® - Solids: Breaks down the solids,reducing caps and increasing the flow ability of the slurry. This increases the storage capacity of
lagoons and also enables the slurry to be pumped further in umbilical systems.

Slurri-morr® - Odour Control: The action of the Micro-organisms in Slurri-morr® tie up Ammonia in to protein and nitrate N, they will also digest the
Hydrogen Sulphide. These 2 actions reduce the odour of the slurry considerably.

Dose Rates & Instructions
Apply to emptied pits or lagoons before filling starts to obtain the best results.

Apply a 50g sachet for every 74,000 gallons (336 Mcu) of Slurry.

Mix with 10 litres of water and pour into the lagoon and run the slurry stirrer for 1 hour to ensure a good mix.

Repeat above for every further 74,000 gallons (336 Mcu) of fresh slurry added.

Always try to apply when the slurry is fresh. The sooner Slurri-morr® is applied the better it works.

Packaging: 50g Sachets. Posted directly to farm 2 working days lead time.

Slurri Morr

What is Slurri-Morr®?
Slurri-morr® is a biological treatment for slurry By boosting the microbial population
Slurri-morr®’s objective is to "organically bind" or "fix" the nitrogen and minerals into the biomass resulting in reduced loss to the atmosphere and
the environment.
This biological action and activity makes slurry easier to manage.

What does it contain?
Both aerobic and anaerobic microbes

What does it do?
Reduces loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere as ammonia
Increases the amount of retained nitrogen
Reduces associated odour
Slurri-morr®’s microbes also assist with the breakdown of solids resulting in;
- Reduced crusting
- Improved slurry flow

What are the benefits of using Slurri-Morr®?

  • Significantly higher levels of ammonium nitrogen and organic nitrogen than untreated slurry
  • Independent trials have shown up to a 17% increase in total nitrogen
  • Trials also show more of the other main nutrients P,K and S were also retained, giving a further saving in fertilizer costs
  • Easier to handle, less need to add water into the slurry tank.
  • More even spreading
  • Less odour
  • More nutrients available to the plant
  • Improved soil micro climate in treated areas vs untreated slurry with improvements in worm count due to higher provision of microbial food source.

How do I use it?
Dissolve powder in 10 litres of clean water at ambient temperature and add to the slurry, either in the slurry store or the collecting tank only if safe to do so. If applied to slatted houses then try to add suspension at multiple points for good coverage, only if safe to do so.

How should it be stored?
The sachets must be kept in a cool dry environment - ideally a fridge

Will results differ depending on the type of slurry?
Slurry differs greatly from farm to farm, system to system, animal to animal, season to season as well as how much water enters the tank which means results will differ.

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